MyoStrain® Training

Our clinical training pathway to mastery and independence with MyoStrain®

The MyoStrain® clinical training pathway is an educational training program designed to help physicians maximize the clinical benefits of MyoStrain for improved patient outcomes and quality of care. The program emphasizes repetition through high scan volumes to ensure successful mastery of the MyoStrain technology and help promote consistent growth within your organization.

We understand the unique challenges of each institution and are committed to the seamless integration of MyoStrain into your clinical practice. With dedication and commitment to this structured learning experience, physicians and healthcare staff will gain the knowledge and proficiency needed to use MyoStrain independently and improve the standard of care for your patients.

Benefits include:

  • MyoStrain® Site Certification
  • Hands-on clinician and technologist training
  • On-site MyoStrain® installation
  • Exclusive access to MyoHealth™ MD Mobile App
  • Conference collaborations, publication and manuscript permission
  • Physician and patient education programs
  • Opportunity to become a MyoStrain® Center of Excellence
  • Expanded support across multiple clinical specialties